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New Series: Fall of Wizardoms

By the time my Fate of Wizardoms series ended, world-altering events had taken place. Some characters died, while others stood triumphant. The events concluding the story were sure to greatly impact the Eight Wizardoms, which offered a wonderful platform for a new tale in the same world. At the same time, I was unwilling to say goodbye to the characters I had grown to love (or hate). Thus, I felt compelled to craft a sequel series. Thankfully, my readers wanted more as well.

Wizardoms: God King Rising is the first book in the Fall of Wizardoms epic, a direct sequel series to A Contest of Gods, the last book in the Fate of Wizardoms saga.

Readers can expect more action, intrigue, humor, magic, and twists as the Eight Wizardoms draw toward a spectacular, yet devastating, end. New characters join beloved ones from the prior series. If you are wondering: Yes, I do love witty banter (especially between couples), and I find it impossible not to include a solid dose of snark.

As of this writing, the eBook and audiobook versions of God King Rising are available for preorder and will soon be in the hands of eager readers. Five more books will follow, concluding the series by the end of 2021. I hope you will join me for this thrilling adventure.

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God King Rising
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