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Greetings, fellow adventurers! This is fantasy author Jeffrey L. Kohanek, sharing a bit of background about me and my first book.

From a young age, I’ve felt driven by an internal desire to create. With an early love for heroes with super powers, I found my childhood-self creating my own comic books. In 4th grade, I stepped through the wardrobe and never looked back, eschewing comics for journeys to wondrous lands such as Narnia and Middle Earth. In my teens, my love for epic fantasy grew to a crescendo with the Belgariad and Riftwar series both capturing my imagination, leaving me enthralled with the idea of discovering magical abilities and learning to harness them. When I finally decided to write my own epic fantasy series, it was with the desire to instill that same sense of wonder in my readers.

The Buried Symbol is the first book in The Runes of Issalia trilogy. It is a zero-to-hero story set within a world where runes have inherent meaning. Citizens are marked at birth, assigning them their vocation and caste status for life. The main character is among the 1% who receive no rune, which makes the teen an outcast. When he illegally obtains a fake rune, he journeys to a school for the elite and enters under a false identity. There, he begins to uncover secrets long-hidden, including a lost magic that he learns to harness. With the reader sharing in the discovery process, the magic system is well defined and logic-based. Being a trilogy, there are underlying plot lines and conspiracies throughout, with only the tip of the proverbial iceberg becoming exposed in book one.


Jeffrey L. Kohanek

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More New Beginnings

Mar 01, 2018 by Jeffrey L. Kohanek, in Notes from Jeff

Some time has passed since I last posted. However, don’t think that means I haven’t been busy. Not only did I relaunch three books in January and released a new book (Rogue Legacy) in February, but I have also updated my website with a new look and feel. Check it out HERE and let me know what you think.

The book relaunch and launch have gone well, attracting new readers and resulting in a wave of new reviews both on Goodreads and on Amazon. Doing particularly well review-wise is Rogue Legacy, which has fourteen 5-star ratings out of 28 total Goodreads reviews after only 3 weeks(That's 50% 5-Star!). Nothing is more rewarding than hearing that readers are enjoying my books. 

As for writing, I recently completed the first book in a new series titled Wardens of Issalia. While I have yet to deal with the inevitable changes coming from my editor or the feedback I expect from beta readers, I have now begun writing the second book in Wardens of Issaliseries.

A Warden’s Purpose is the title of the first book in the series, and it offers an entirely new entry point into the world of Issalia, seventeen years after the Empire disbanded. I’m super excited about the book and the characters within. Look for more information about A Warden’s Purpose, along with a cover reveal, in the second half of March. As always, the meaty details and the earliest look at the cover will go to subscribers of my author newsletter. Interested? If so, click HERE to subscribe and I’ll even throw in a FREE copy of The Buried Symbol, Book I in the Runes of Issalia trilogy.

Happy reading.