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Greetings, fellow adventurers! This is fantasy author Jeffrey L. Kohanek, sharing a bit of background about me and my first book.

From a young age, I’ve felt driven by an internal desire to create. With an early love for heroes with super powers, I found my childhood-self creating my own comic books. In 4th grade, I stepped through the wardrobe and never looked back, eschewing comics for journeys to wondrous lands such as Narnia and Middle Earth. In my teens, my love for epic fantasy grew to a crescendo with the Belgariad and Riftwar series both capturing my imagination, leaving me enthralled with the idea of discovering magical abilities and learning to harness them. When I finally decided to write my own epic fantasy series, it was with the desire to instill that same sense of wonder in my readers.

The Buried Symbol is the first book in The Runes of Issalia trilogy. It is a zero-to-hero story set within a world where runes have inherent meaning. Citizens are marked at birth, assigning them their vocation and caste status for life. The main character is among the 1% who receive no rune, which makes the teen an outcast. When he illegally obtains a fake rune, he journeys to a school for the elite and enters under a false identity. There, he begins to uncover secrets long-hidden, including a lost magic that he learns to harness. With the reader sharing in the discovery process, the magic system is well defined and logic-based. Being a trilogy, there are underlying plot lines and conspiracies throughout, with only the tip of the proverbial iceberg becoming exposed in book one.


Jeffrey L. Kohanek

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Cover Reveal: An Imperial Gambit

October 10, 2018 by Jeffrey L. Kohanek

The third installment of the Wardens of Issalia series is finished and in the final stages of editing. The print version of An Imperial Gambit releases on December 13th, and the eBook drops on December 26th. As you might guess by the amazing cover below (thanks J. Caleb Design!), this title is loaded with action, suspense, and magic. The book synopsis is included below as well. I'd love to hear what you think of the cover.

Best Wishes,

A conflict of ideals - magic versus fire-powered weapons. The fate of Issalia hangs in the balance. 
A new Empire has risen to power. Already in control of the east coast, the Imperial Army sets its sights on Issalia's western kingdoms. Tensions rise as both sides prepare for war.
What deadly weapon will the Empire develop next?
Brandt and Quinn are espions - part spy, part thief, part assassin. Under false identities, these spies find themselves deeply entrenched within Empire headquarters. There, they gather information, seeking a means to foil the Empire's plans for conquest.
One misstep by either warden could result in death - their own and thousands of others.
They are joined by a small squad of fellow wardens:
  • Wildcats - warriors trained to fight while powered by magic 
  • Rangers - experts in nature, these archers scout enemy forces 
  • Gadgeteers - engineers who invent magic-powered machines and weapons 
  • Arcanists - those who can wield Chaos - a destructive, rune-based magic 

Driven by the core belief that Chaos magic is evil, the Empire seeks to stamp out this scourge. If victorious, Chaos will be outlawed. Those who can wield it...will be executed.
The wardens must stop this Imperial gambit.