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Discover a Long Forgotten Magic

We are all born with natural talents, but some are more gifted than others. Those people often rise in society, and if they are just and compassionate, become leaders who make society better for everyone. What if one such person were branded as less-than-human and reviled since birth, merely because someone in power decided they were unworthy?

At the age of seventeen, the protagonist in The Buried Symbol, Book one in the Runes of Issalia trilogy, teeters on the edge of adulthood. Born an outcast, Brock struggles through life despite his natural gifts. A tragic event causes him to reconsider his role as the Empire has defined it, choosing to break free from society’s bonds in pursuit of a better life. Behind a false identity, he schemes his way into an academy meant for society's elite and trains in magic, combat, invention, and politics, hoping to become a master within the Ministry.

His mother's influence during early childhood, followed by a difficult upbringing after her untimely death, imprint him with a powerful sense of compassion. Possessing an insatiable curiosity and a Sherlock Holmes-like sense of logic, he can identify a secret from a minuet clue and then pursue the truth at any cost. These traits, along with his God-given abilities, lead him to discover a magic that has been buried for centuries.

His friends have their own dark pasts, leaving them emotionally damaged and feeling incomplete. They are drawn toward Brock’s integrity and likeable personality to form a small team with a tight bond. The relationships Brock establishes within the story say as much about him as his action do. 

Brock’s companions include:

  • His loyal, homeless, childhood friend
  • A quiet, yet massive roommate who is destined to be a great warrior
  • A quirky brainiac who creates amazing inventions
  • A jolly giant
  • A brooding aristocrat
  • His strong-willed girlfriend, who hides secrets of her own

From his beginnings at the coastal city of Kantar, throughout his journey to Fallbrandt, and within the walls of the Academy itself, Brock meets an array of interesting characters. Among them is an aristocrat rival, intent on seeing Brock destroyed in every way possible. The actions of this rival are among the obstacles Brock must overcome in pursuit of his dream of becoming an academy master.

I invite you to follow Brock on his journey and hope you will fall in love with him and other personalities found within the pages of The Buried Symbol. Join my author newsletter and you can read the book for FREE.

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The Buried Symbol
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