Paragon of Solitude

Paragon of Solitude

Dawn of Wizards, Book 2
Published by Fallbrandt Press
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A young wizard. A dreaded prophecy. The quest to recover a relic hidden long ago.

Magic flows through human veins for the first time. A young man trains with his new abilities, seeking to master something he barely comprehends…until he is stricken by a powerful vision: A prophecy foretelling the end of the world.

His slim hope resides in something called the Paragon.

Desperate, he sets off on a quest to locate this long-lost relic. His only clue lies with the one person who knows where it is hidden: A dwarven king who died six years ago.

The quest gains momentum when he is joined by his brother and a female thief. Together, they venture into the dangerous and infamous valley known as The Vale.

Even if they survive the monsters that roam those wild lands, can they locate what they seek?

A dwarf champion and his crew set off on a voyage across the world, seeking to reclaim their people from the clutches of the traitorous dark elves. Death and danger plague the journey until they finally reach the Drow capital of Talastar.

The entire world shudders from what they discover.

Paragon of Solitude continues the compelling epic fantasy series, Dawn of Wizards.
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516 pages | $17.99 USD | 6x9x2 Inches