Wizardoms: Shadow of a Dragon Priest

Wizardoms: Shadow of a Dragon Priest

Fall of Wizardoms, Book Four
Published by Fallbrandt Press
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A man who commands dragons rises. The people call him a prophet, a savior...the one who will free them from the tyranny of the wizard class.
They do not comprehend the threat he presents.

The dragon priest rages across the land. Cities and rulers are helpless against his might.

A pair of heroes embark on a dangerous quest, seeking a lost object of power. Without it, the dragon priest and his army will destroy the world.

An army of metal golems invades another wizardom. These magic-powered automatons are the weapon of the last wizard lord - a madman who desires to rule the world. Despite his power, betrayal becomes his most useful tool.

Shadow of a Dragon Priest continues the Fall of Wizardoms Saga, an epic fantasy adventure rife with action, intrigue, and witty banter.

302 pages | $14.95 USD