The First Wizard

The First Wizard

Dawn of Wizards
Published by Fallbrandt Press
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Before wizards, the races of magic held the power...
and enslaved humans.

Ian and Vic are brothers. Their lives are simple, and while they might long for excitement, happiness can be found in a hard day's work, a sunny day, or the smile from a pretty girl.

Their lives are turned on end when their village is attacked and they are taken as slaves, destined to labor under the watchful eye of their captors.

The strife that had long dominated much of the world had found them.

Things would never be the same.

Read on and discover how the first wizard came to be.

From international bestselling author Jeffrey L. Kohanek comes a fantasy epic filled with twists, magic, and discovery, certain to keep you enthralled and repeatedly saying "just one more chapter."
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500 pages | $17.99 USD | 6x9x2 | October 24, 2023