Wizardoms: Rise of a Wizard Queen

Wizardoms: Rise of a Wizard Queen

Fate of Wizardoms: Book 5
Published by , Fallbrandt Press
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A woman claims a crystal throne, granting her the power of a god - an act long forbidden. With her rise, the world trembles.

As thrones of power fall vacant, one insatiable wizard seeks to increase his might. He never suspected a wizardess might foil his plans.

A queen rises from the south and forms an unprecedented alliance - an army from multiple wizardoms, backed by the magic of a wizard lord. This dominant force sweeps across the land, consuming all in its wake.

A squad of misfits, thrust into the roles of reluctant heroes, seek to alter fate and save their world from the Dark Lord. Even they are blind to the elaborate schemes of gods.

Rise of a Wizard Queen continues the riveting Fate of Wizardoms fantasy epic, perfect for fans of Tolkien, Jordan, and Sanderson.

290 pages | $14.95 USD | 6x9x1 | 978-1949382273 | July 9, 2020