Wizardoms: Curse of the Elf Queen

Wizardoms: Curse of the Elf Queen

Fall of Wizardoms, Book Three
Published by , Fallbrandt Press
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The elf queen rises. Backed by her magic, an army sweeps across the land like a plague. Can anything sate her unquenchable thirst for conquest?

"Great characters, thrilling battles and displays of amazing magical power make for a fantasy adventure that you will not want to put down."- ★★★★★ Review

Through sacrifice, the druids have raised a new queen and goddess. An army marches, made of elves, druids, animal familiars, and ensorcelled humans. Wizards are crushed, soldiers destroyed, and cities captured as the elf queen storms across the land.

Unless the elf queen is defeated, she will see all humans enslaved, the wizard race exterminated, and her rule extended across the Eight Wizardoms.

Intent on unraveling the schemes affecting the wizardoms, Jace and Narine go undercover, seeking information within the nest of an evil mastermind. What secrets await? What will happen if they are caught?

Curse of the Elf Queen continues the Fall of Wizardoms epic, raising the stakes and exposing secrets that will leave you wanting for more.

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