Wizardoms: A Sundered Realm

Wizardoms: A Sundered Realm

Fall of Wizardoms, Book Six
Published by Fallbrandt Press
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A dark god rises, intent on world domination. With a disease spreading across the realm, altering the land and every living thing it touches, will there be anything left to rule?

The dark elf, Xavan, has captured numerous great cities, forcing the citizens to worship him. Their prayers cause his might to swell far beyond that of a wizard lord.

The death of another god has caused the realm to become infected. This taint alters everything it touches, including the monsters who live in the land where it originated, causing them increase in size and ferocity.
This horde storms across the wizardoms, destroying everything in its path.

Can a ragtag team of heroes defeat Xavan before he reaches full godhood?
Even if successful, can anything stop the monsters and the spreading desolation?
Or is this the end?

Read A Sundered Realm, the stunning conclusion to the Fall of Wizardoms saga, to find out.

310 pages | $14.95 USD | 6x9x1 | February 22, 2022