Wizardom Legends Castles of Legend

Wizardom Legends: Castles of Legend

Tor the Dungeon Crawler, Book 2
Published by Fallbrandt Press
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A rag tag crew of adventurers. Three legendary castles. Mischief, monsters, and mayhem abound.

At the behest of a mysterious sorcerer, Tor and his crew must infiltrate Shadowmar Castle, a remote, legendary stronghold protected by a monster most believe is pure myth. Worse, they are not allowed to kill the monster nor have they been sent there to recover relics from the past. This bizarre quest leads them down an unexpected path toward another legendary fortress.

Sailors have long told tales of Hollow Keep. None of them are good. Passersby report horrific wailing coming from the stronghold, and at night, ghostly figures appear to haunt the ancient ruins. Yet, Tor and his misfit crew intend to brave whatever dangers lurk in this legendary castle and discover what treasures lie hidden within its bowels.

This dangerous path, filled with twists, traps, and unexpected turns, might lead them to an dead end...a very dead end.

DND meets Indiana Jones in this fast-paced epic fantasy adventure series featuring the world's premier questing team.
If you enjoyed Temple of the Unknown, you are going to love this unputdownable sequel. 

284 pages | $14.95 USD