Wardens of Issalia Boxed Set
<span>Wardens of Issalia Boxed Set:</span> Wardens of Issalia Boxed Set<span>Wardens of Issalia Boxed Set:</span> Wardens of Issalia Boxed Set
Wardens of Issalia Boxed SetWardens of Issalia Boxed Set

Wardens of Issalia Boxed Set

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An empire rises, fueled by subterfuge, assassinations, and fire-powered weapons. A team of young agents train in secret, preparing to combat this enemy before all is lost.

Includes the COMPLETE Wardens of Issalia series -- novels that combine for over 75 5-star Amazon reviews, and 150 Goodreads 5-star ratings. 

Books in this boxed set:


  1. A Warden’s Purpose: Wardens of Issalia, Book I
  2. The Arcane Ward: Wardens of Issalia, Book II
  3. An Imperial Gambit: Wardens of Issalia, Book III
  4. A Kingdom Under Siege: Wardens of Issalia, Book IV 

Meet the Wardens of Issalia:

Everson is an awkward, disabled teen who dreams of a better tomorrow. Blessed with a brilliant mind, he melds magic and science in ways never before seen. His greatest discovery could liberate him and change the world.

Or, it could destroy everything. 

Quinn is Everson’s overprotective sister. While she is average in every way, Quinn’s fiery spirit and relentless determination fuel her desire to protect those who cannot protect themselves. Trained as an espion, she finds herself alone and in the heart of an enemy stronghold.

If only she knew whom she could trust.

Brandt, the second son of a king, is a prankster who lacks a sense of purpose. When he joins the wardens, he is forged into something more, leveraging his fearless nature and his skill with magic. 

Will his courage be enough when the fate of thousands hangs in the balance?

Cassie is Brandt’s twin sister and his coconspirator until things go too far. When she joins the wardens, she discovers magic abilities unlike anyone has ever seen.

What new ability will she discover next?

Puri is the premier archer among her people. She joins the wardens to train as a ranger but soon finds herself on missions rife with danger.

How many will die if she fails?

Curan, the son of a renowned warrior, joins the wardens with dreams of making his father proud. Blessed with strength and quickness, he trains to fight while augmented by magic, able to slay enemy soldiers as if they were children.

Can he overcome the ghosts of those who die by his sword?
These wardens join a larger cast of characters, young and old. Read on and discover what readers call "A thrilling fantasy adventure, filled with intrigue, action, twists, and betrayal."

$39.95 USD