Fall of Wizardoms Box Set

Fall of Wizardoms Box Set: Books 1-3

An Epic Fantasy Series
Published by Fallbrandt Press
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An evil plot throws the Eight Wizardoms into chaos. Heroes old and new assemble to combat this daunting threat. Should they fail, their world is doomed.

"Scheming wizards, a secret rebellion, an ingenious magic system, and daring by a hair's breadth escapes. This book has it all! Give it a try. I guarantee you won't regret it." ★★★★★Magic Book Corner

Rebellion, war, and toppled thrones ravage the Eight Wizardoms.

The mysterious leader of a secret organization seeks to wreak chaos, death, and destruction.
What motivates his elaborate scheme? What is his end-game?

A squad of unlikely heroes armed with magical objects are drawn into the conflict:

  • Jerrell "Jace" - A clever thief with a flair for the outrageous.
  • Narine - A wizardess, queen, and bride...pursued by assassins.
  • Harlequin - This female pirate wields sabers, a whip, and a sharp tongue.
  • Crusser - This lifelong soldier has a big heart and a terrible temper.
  • Brogan - A retired warrior burdened by lifelong regrets.
  • Blythe - She wields an enchanted bow that forever altered her appearance.

These characters lead a compelling and memorable cast in a tale that brings the eight wizardoms to the brink of devastation.

Fall of Wizardoms a action-packed fantasy saga filled with compelling characters and beloved genre tropes, perfect for fans of Shadow and Bone, Game of Thrones, or Wheel of Time.
Download and prepare for a spectacular, thrilling adventure.

1107 pages | August 3, 2021