The Science of Magic

Raising her hands in the air, lightning blasts from a sorceress's hands. With the wave of his wand, a wizard freezes an enemy in a block of ice. How is this possible? It doesn’t matter; you are just supposed to believe. Magic needs to be mysterious, right?

It doesn't have to be.

Having read a plethora of fantasy novels, I’ve come to appreciate authors who take a practical approach to magic. Having a well-defined logic behind how magic functions is when it truly has the power to captivate my imagination. If I don't understand magic and the rules behind it, how can I picture myself using it? I believe that the best magic is just a science that we haven’t yet discovered.

Logic defines the magic that exists within the world of Issalia. While readers won’t know anything about the two sides of magic when they begin The Buried Symbol, they will feel like apprentice-level magic users by the end.

Magic is a powerful tool that can be used for good or ill intent. When abused, magic can create problems and be destructive. However, it can also make the world a better place by improving society and saving lives. Brock, the protagonist in my story, is a planner and problem solver. After he discovers a new magic by acting on instinct, he learns to hone his skills and begins to use magic as a tool to solve problems. The practical use of fantastic powers helps readers to really consider the possibilities that these new abilities present and how our world might be impacted if this magic became a reality.

After all, magic is just a science that we haven’t yet discovered. Once you understand this new science, it all makes sense.