What's your story about?

It’s a question that I hear often, yet struggle to find a suitable response. Any reply does an injustice to the depth of the story. However, I realize that question will not go away, so I need to pinpoint the ideal answer.

Many elements exist within the novel, including action, adventure, mystery, magic, romance, fantasy, suspense, comedy, drama, and others. While these terms are descriptive, none properly portray the feeling that I wish the reader to experience.

When I began the creative process, I made a conscious decision to write a story I would have cherished when I was seventeen, since that is when my love for books first reached its peak. Accordingly, I focused on the elements that were common in the reading experiences that I have most enjoyed.

First, I needed to create a rich world with a dramatic history. I made it similar enough to our own that it was easy to understand on a basic level, but included complex undercurrents that are exposed as the story progresses. Since I was inventing my own world, it could operate according to the rules that I define. Those rules, including how magic functions, would be the basis of my tale.

Second, my story needed characters with depth. Character investment is the key to triggering emotion within the reader. I wanted the characters to be easy to identify with, yet complex and flawed. Whether its love, hatred, laughter, sadness, fear, or any other number of emotions that I wanted to draw from the story, the reader must feel some sense of emotion for the character first. 

The third element that I decided to target was a sense of discovery. My favorite moments in reading come when a secret is revealed. It feels as if I, as the reader, just uncovered a treasure chest in the form of a new piece of knowledge. Accordingly, I decided to construct my tale so that the reader is continually discovering something new or is tantalized by a secret soon to be exposed. Not only is The Buried Symbol written to present a constant sense of discovery, I have outlined the whole trilogy with that precept in mind. This is why the tagline for my first book is Discover a Magic, Buried and Forgotten…

There is my short answer to the question above: My book is about the Spirit of Discovery. Discover the secrets hidden within the pages, you might find a little magic for yourself.