Going Rogue

Two years ago, I had a fresh manuscript in hand and was eagerly seeking a publisher. Come February of 2016, I signed with Black Rose Writing and my first book was published in May of that year. The moment I became a published author is one I will never forget. I enjoy being an author immensely. It is my passion.

Over the next year, I released two more books through my publisher, completing the Runes of Issalia trilogy. As one might expect, I learned a lot in the process - not just from my publisher, but also from an amazing and supportive community of independent authors. The knowledge gained has armed me with the tools required to make a big change. Here it comes...I'm so excited!

As of January 1st, the rights to the Runes of Issalia series revert back to me in full. This is important because it enables me to have complete control over the covers, format, distribution, pricing, and marketing of my books. Accordingly, I will be relaunching the series in January, beginning with the release of The Buried Symbol on January 4th. In preparation, I have been doing light rewrites, and I have new covers ready to roll. The new covers are shown below as an early preview before they go live. I'd love to hear what you think about them.

In other news, I continue writing and am nearly finished with the initial draft of first book for my new fantasy series. While I haven't yet settled on a name for the book or the series, I expect book one will release in May with the sequel coming next fall. Exciting times!

I wish you a wonderful holiday season, and I look forward to an eventful 2018.

Happy Reading,


UPDATE: After receiving some welcome feedback on the 1st proposed relaunch covers, I went back to the drawing board for updates.

I kept the formatting, typography, and color scheme, which most people appeared to like. However, the 3D renders are out, replaced by 2D art (all based on scenes from my books) that an artist was able to update and get back to me super fast. I hope you like the new look!

Runes of Issalia Relaunch Covers
The Buried Symbol Relaunch Cover


The Emblem Throne Relaunch Cover


An Empire in Runes Relaunch Cover