I'm Still Here...Writing

Hello again. I hope everyone is having a wonderful summer. Mine has been quite busy, but I'm still here, and I'm still writing. Accordingly, I felt it appropriate to provide a quick update about my latest project.

The prequel to The Runes of Issalia series is now 80% complete, with beta reading and editing phases coming soon. What's it about? Rogue Legacy tells the unrecorded story behind critical events that occur hundreds of years before the Runes trilogy.

The story centers around a teenage girl named Lyra, a girl with a fiery spirit and a roguish attitude. I'm having fun with the book, and I feel that readers will enjoy Lyra's tale. To add a bit of flavor, I've included the book teaser (synopsis) below. Enjoy.

Synopsis for Rogue Legacy by Jeffrey L. Kohanek

A powerful organization, a destructive magic, a dark plot...and the girl who stood in the way.
When tragedy strikes, Lyra runs for her life…directly into the hands of fate. Destiny places her at the heart of a plot to overthrow the rulers of Issalia, a plot she must help thwart. Led by a man armed with powerful magic, and joined by a single soldier who wields an enchanted weapon, the three must face the most fearsome army the world has ever known. Even if they survive this epic confrontation, the future is not secure…for the threats surrounding Lyra do not end there.
Sometimes history forgets the details. Sometimes history forgets the truth. Meet Lyra: an orphan, a thief, a liar, a bard, a warrior, a princess…a rogue. Her story reveals what truly happened, hundreds of years before The Runes of Issalia series takes place. Within these pages, resides her legacy.