Discover a lost magic, long buried and forgotten...
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The World

The World of Issalia

Welcome to Issalia, an isolated continent with over a thousand years of history.

The world is much like Renaissance-era Europe. It is a time of invention and new ideas yet lacking the discoveries of oil, gunpowder, and electricity.

Steam-power is a recent discovery of the Academy, the hub of knowledge and invention within the Empire. The engineers at the Academy continue to innovate and who knows what they might invent next. Where science lags, magic exists to fill the gaps...

Map of Issalia

Bennett's Illustration of Kantar

Brock's Map to Fallbrandt

The Academy

Vocation Runes

Chaos Runes

The Hedgewick Roller

The Mining Prison

The Site of the Portal

The Emblem Throne

The Hedgewick Flyer

Map of The Tantarri Plains

Truth Rune