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Reviews for The Emblem Throne


"I enjoyed The Buried symbol a lot and I was excited to get into The Emblem Throne. The adventures of Brock and his friends is one that never ceases to be fascinating. I was curious about the direction this book will take after the ending of the previous one and I got a lot more than I expected. I had high expectations for this sequel and it surpassed every one of them.
The series just keeps getting better and better, the ingenuity of Jeffrey L. Kohanek keeps showing.
The Emblem Throne began with the POV of Ashland and progressed to that of other characters, it was incredibly nice to see the world from the mind of the others in the group. Filled with nonstop heart pounding action, great feats of magic, adorable romance, exhilarating adventures, The Emblem Throne made itself one of my favorite books of the year. It is incredibly well written, each scenario paints a clear image in my mind. Learning more about Chaos, The Unchosen and The Banished Horde is another aspect of this book I enjoyed, I love the way the author portrayed every detail.
The whole worldbuilding is very entrancing and I really enjoyed reading about it.
My favorite quote from the book is:
“Shipwrecked and lost in a foreign land, yet Ashland still appreciated the beauty surrounding them. How could he not love this girl?.”
That just gives me feels.
The ending of this book is well crafted in a way that leaves me anxious for the next installment in this series, The impending battle is one thing I can't wait for.
The Emblem Throne has it all monsters, friendship, love, humor, magic, Apocalypse, betrayal and it is one book I can recommend to all Fantasy lovers out there." - Cassie James, author of Queen of Fire


"Once again, the author outdid himself! This book is even better than the first, which I thought wasn't even possible! Once again we enter the epic adventure to travel with Brock and his friends. After unsavory circumstanced force the group to flee the Academy, they embark on an exciting adventure into unknown lands wrought with mystery, intrigue and adventure that will leave you sitting on the edge of your seat! Experimenting with Chaos along their journey, they discover new talents and encounter centuries old prophecies that foretold of their coming. Loaded with adventure, this fast paced adventure had me eagerly devouring the book as fast as I could as more and more secrets were unveiled. All unanswered questions from book 1 were answered along with many more that popped up along the way and I can't tell you how many "ah-hah" moments I had that pleased me to no end! I absolutely completely enjoyed this book and feel like I actually lived through the book with Brock and his friends! This series is an absolute must read for any fantasy or adventure lover of any age!!" - Maia Silverdagger